Врачи борются за жизнь впавшего в кому Иосифа Кобзона For 13 years, the singer struggles with cancer. The other day Joseph Kobzon was urgently hospitalized, hooked him to the ventilator. Today it was reported that Kobzon went into a coma.
Врачи борются за жизнь впавшего в кому Иосифа Кобзона

Thirteen long years Joseph Kobzon struggling with cancer. Despite this, he was in no hurry to leave the scene and to say goodbye to many fans. Moreover, the creativity and the music helped Kobzon to live. Recently, the singer was hospitalized immediately. Relatives did not comment on his condition, which greatly worried the public. “Kobzon Joseph Davydovich generally came down today on the gurney and took him” — shared man, who wished to remain anonymous.

Joseph Kobzon more than a week is in intensive care

However, the singer’s sister, denied information about the deteriorating health Joseph Davidovich.

“Joseph Davydovich, all right. He sits next to his wife and drinking coffee. I don’t know who it people rumors to distract. And you write nasty things,” said the “StarHit” sister of the singer.
Врачи борются за жизнь впавшего в кому Иосифа Кобзона

Having the unfortunate experience in the struggle against cancer, Josic Kobzon urged colleagues and friends to be extremely attentive to their own health and as often as possible to be examined with the purpose of prevention. “Isn’t it strange that intelligent people so often kills cancer? I encourage everyone as often as possible to be screened. This is a disease that does not tolerate Amateur, it requires professional care and observation. Many have asked how native Wali Yudashkin could miss the spread of metastasis? And he was not observed. If Valentine jumped in the hospital for just a couple of hours, would be handed over analyses, there were no problems. But we’re always busy,” said Joseph Davidovich in the program “Let them talk”.

At the time Larisa Dolina talked about the artist: “he has such strength of character, such strength of will and such a thirst for life that he outsmarted all. He outsmarted death. Five days after a serious operation it comes to Jurmala, goes on stage, unlike many of our “stars” sing live”. Joseph Kobzon is not just an artist with a capital letter, but the person of wide soul.

His success is not only the result of talent, extraordinary health, but also courage. The singer was not afraid to speak for the military in the midst of the fighting in “hot spots”, never thought about his life, when he went to negotiate with the invaders spectators and actors of the musical “Nord-OST” in the Theatrical center on Dubrovka in October 2002.

Friends and fans of Joseph Davydovich cherish the hope that he pulls through, despite the fact that according to the “Ren-TV”, celebrity in a coma.