Doctors fear for life of Val Kilmer

Врачи опасаются за жизнь Вэла Килмера

Trust in God and keep your powder dry. This advice I want to give oncologists a Hollywood actor Val Kilmer. According to Dr. Jerome Sponberg, if the celebrity will not accept treatment, then the tumor will spread throughout the body.

As you know, Val decided to cope with the deadly prayer, but doctors believe that he had to resort to more conservative treatment, if he wants to live.
“If the cancer has spread beyond the head and neck, lymph nodes and other parts of the body, it is unlikely that it will be possible to win. It’s possible that he’s already reached the point of no return” — said the doctor.
Recall that the news about the cancer Val Kilmer appeared two years ago, however, all this time, 57-year-old actor denied his illness. Only recently Hollywood actor admitted that he really struggles with the disease, but made it look as if everything was over.
Over the last few years Val and in fact has changed. Of strong men he turned into an emaciated old man. The mother of the artist appealed to the world community with the request to help her sick son and convince him to be treated with drugs. and not prayers.
“People who know that I am being treated by prayer, for some reason decided that my life is under threat. But many people throughout the existence of the world, was healed with God’s help” — objected Val.