Doctors barely pumped ex-lover Dana Borisova

Врачи еле откачали экс-возлюбленного Даны Борисовой Alexander Morozov was in the hospital. In the words of another hockey player Denis Matrosov, it happened because of severe fatigue. Now he warns the buddies from the excessive work.
Врачи еле откачали экс-возлюбленного Даны Борисовой

Last year TV presenter Dan Borisov tied a romantic relationship with hockey player Alexander Morozov. Lovers adored each other, but soon their idyll is ended with a celebrity invited to work in Hollywood. She could not refuse a tempting offer. The man put her condition – or he, or a career. Borisov broke the ultimatum of the elect, and the presenter chose to end the relationship with the hockey player. Elect Dana Borisova gave her a car for 5 million

Friend of Alexander, actor Denis Matrosov, also enjoys hockey and plays with him in the team. The actor said that now men have a difficult period – he is trying to restore health. Ex-boyfriend Dana Borisova fighting for his life. His health deteriorated due to excessive loads.

“Producer Sasha Morozov — captain of the hockey team of artists “mosquito” is in the hospital in serious condition, barely pumped. And all because she was working late. And the ice continued to walk, coughing and fever… Tabletochku drank and forward. He just got rescued,” said Sailors.

Once Alexander was in a hospital bed, he realized that it must be a balance between work and leisure. The now familiar Matrosova warns his friends that they would not repeat his mistakes and not ignore the signals of the body and avoid fatigue.

“He wrote me recently: “Dinka, think about work, the fuck needs it if it yourself into the ground driving? We do like everything for children, for friends, for parents. But we want them there or still here in this world?” And I told him: “Sasha, I’m sorry. But now you understand why I no longer had the strength to go to night training,” – said Denis.

However, while in the life of an actor too many things that require constant attention. Now the Sailors busy career, and therefore devotes a lot of time and effort. He is upset that he has to give up your favorite Hobbies.

“I do everything in life is unsettled: I just created a “Theatre of Matrosova” only now becoming a producer – Denis admitted in an interview with “Telenedelya”. With the advent of the theatre and, as a consequence, responsibility for the staff who depend on me, how I work, I could not afford to give night training. Although I miss the team.”

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