Doctor pregnant Rita Dakota fears for her health

Врач беременной Риты Дакоты опасается за её здоровье
The singer is not going to change the way of life for the future baby.

Rita Dakota

Photo: @ritadakota Instagram

Rita Dakota recently unveiled her pregnancy. For the singer, and the author of numerous hits of stars of the national stage, “interesting position”. The artist, as expected, there is a specialist who monitors the development of future first-born star. Recently Dakota was told that the doctor brought together an emergency “kit” that you ordered everywhere to carry, but in any case not to open.

“I’m taking a huge kit, which is going to my doctor. I don’t really know that it was there, because she told me not to watch and even more so to read the instructions. Says “you do not need, but promise me that in all the trips it will be with you.” A promise kept, but do not look inside!” — frankly admits Rita.

Despite the fact that Dakota is expecting a baby, it’s not going to change the habitual mode of life. She will continue to travel: this summer in the plans of the singer to visit Greece, Ibiza and America. And from the beginning of pregnancy she had already made several flights to the Maldives, Singapore and new York. Husband of Rita — Vlad Sokolovsky often travel with her. However, she clarifies that her example can be followed only with the consent of the attending physician.