“Do you remember the words, and decided to catch my breath”: Julia Samoylova on shame on “Eurovision”

«Не забыла слова, а решила отдышаться»: Юлия Самойлова о позоре на «Евровидении» The singer told about the contest in Lisbon. Julia Samoilov has told, what was the atmosphere in the international competition, and confessed that he had planned to refuse to participate. In addition, the artist explained that awaits readers of her autobiographical book.
«Не забыла слова, а решила отдышаться»: Юлия Самойлова о позоре на «Евровидении»

29-year-old Yulia Samoylova, who represented Russia at the “Eurovision-2018” in Portugal, gave a press-conference on which has told about his participation in vocal competition and shared plans for the future. Unfortunately for viewers, the artist didn’t make the final international show, so as not scored enough points.

«Не забыла слова, а решила отдышаться»: Юлия Самойлова о позоре на «Евровидении»“I’m sorry I overreacted and did not meet expectations – their own and those who supported me,” said the singer.

Due to the fact that the participants were all painted by the minute, the singer did not really socialize with other artists.According to Samoilova, the event was friendly atmosphere.

Reporters noted that when Yulia was sent to the international competition last year, many supported it. But after speaking Samoilova in Portugal, which found a failure, she struck a wave of criticism. “I guess it’s some kind of pendulum. At first it was a lot of positive emotions, and now opposed to it,” she said. The actress added that she really liked the winner of “Eurovision-2018” Netta Barzilai.

“She’s cool, she’s a bright room and unusual song. Think she deserved the win,” commented Julia.
«Не забыла слова, а решила отдышаться»: Юлия Самойлова о позоре на «Евровидении»

Critics found that the singer is very weak vocal and the whole song has pulled those who were on vocals. Someone thought that at some point the singer forgot the words, because it is not entered on time. Talking to reporters, Samoilova said she had no memory issues.

Julia Samoylova at Eurovision forgot the lyrics

“I’m not going to lie, my ear microphones worked. I just got nervous, and apparently took on too much. This was enough performances in Portugal, during which I sang a song for Eurovision and well. (…) Apparently, I have not calculated their strength and wanted to give even more emotion to do better. Brought himself to such an extent that even before going on stage almost cried. At this moment a said I forgot the lyrics, but I forgot. I know very well the words. I just had so many emotions that I decided to catch my breath, and then continue to sing. That was not a lump in my throat. Nervous” – said the singer.

As it turned out, Samoilova even thought to refuse to participate in the contest. “I had such thoughts. Especially when I realized that the preparation is not as I imagined. However, I thought I would be able to cope with the task. Still, it’s my dream, even naive. But I went to her, and glad that in my life this happened,” explained the artist.

Julia also spoke about his book. According to Samoilova, she was asked by representatives of the publisher and asked to write an autobiography. “The format is, rather, a tale from my face. A lot of dialogue and humor, it’s for real and without a formal tone,” – shared the singer. The work of Julia called “Usual and unusual story.”

In June, the singer is going to release a mini-album which will consist of five of the author’s compositions. According to Yulia, she did not produce a pop song.

“This is quite an experimental step. I’m not counting on radio. Probably it will be closer to the underground, – said Julia.– Tour with a new program not yet scheduled, it’s all work.”