Do the right thing: what profession chosen children Guzeeva, Kandelaki and Wernicke

Поступай правильно: какие профессии выбрали дети Гузеевой, Канделаки и Верника The heirs of celebrities torn between the universities and trying to decide on a specialty. Very soon, graduates will hear the last bell and go to gnaw granite science in the best educational institutions in the country. “StarHit” to find out what kind of professions girls and boys from the star the families prefer.
Поступай правильно: какие профессии выбрали дети Гузеевой, Канделаки и Верника

In may began the busiest season for all high school graduates to choose a University to pass the exam, to prepare for entrance exams… Star the heirs of these procedures is also not inevitable. Daughter of Tina Kandelaki, 17-year-old Melania Kondrahin, graduated from Moscow’s school n 1371 with advanced study of English. At first she planned on becoming a historian, but in the end decided to follow in the footsteps of a famous parent.

“I will enter the faculty of journalism, if possible, – told the “StarHit” Kondrahin. – Soon a single exam, prepare and devote all their time will have to pass Russian language, literature, and foreign, plus a creative competition. Decided I wanted to have a social profession, to whirl among the people. Dream of learning how to speak beautifully and to get a decent education. Mother my choice, of course, endorsed and supported”.

This year the competition for the chosen Melania faculty of six persons on one budgetary place, and the cost of full-time study – 325 thousand rubles a year. The son of Igor Vernik Gregory, a graduate of the Metropolitan school №1239, long chose between the two professions – actor and journalist.

Поступай правильно: какие профессии выбрали дети Гузеевой, Канделаки и Верника

“Grisha will apply and be admitted to all the leading theatrical high schools of Moscow: VGIK, the School-Studio of MKHAT, and the Shchukin school, WTU them. Schepkin – says “StarHit” Igor Vernik. A good experience, a test, and I did the same. If then be able to choose, in priority, probably, the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, where I once studied, and the son went to the theater program, knows a lot about this University. The selection will be made in the admissions process, you will understand where his teachers that he was close. Any decision will be approved. Gregory does a lot of work often goes in “Gogol-center” Serebrennikov. I also listened, we study together the program. I understandably difficult to be objective, but I think that my son still got it.”

Daughter of the stars “the First channel” Larisa Guzeeva in the past year are unable to carry out their plans: Lelia graduated from the 11th class and was about to enroll in the graduate school of design at the higher school of Economics, but forgot to pass the necessary exam in literature.

“Wrote Russian, mathematics, English, says Lola “StarHit”. – And forgot about the main thing. In September went on the course design and contemporary art, and indeed for the year was able to prepare well”.

Competition in school – about five people on the budget, and pay-day training will cost the parents of the students in 350 thousand rubles for the year.