DNA examination has shown that Spartaka Mishulina was another son.

Экспертиза ДНК доказала, что у Спартака Мишулина был еще один сын!
Eduard Sorokin from Tver is the native grandson of the actor.

Eduard Sorokin

The public are ready to applaud Spartacus Michelino. He not only, as it turns out, was not one illegitimate son, but each of his children he was ready to admit officially. What we did in the case of a father Eduard Sorokin from Tver. The birth certificate men Spartak Vasilyevich entered as the father, and it is known, can be implemented only person appearing to the Registrar and to confirm his paternity. And now, thanks to the efforts of the First channel show “Let them talk” now enshrined in history. He also, as previously Timur Eremeev, handed over samples of their DNA, and experts have carried out the examination. The result is not even stunned the Studio: the probability that Edward is the first grandson of Spartaka Mishulina is 99, 9999992%!

The family history of Sorokin’s actually very sad. When Mishulin played in the Kalinin (now Tver) the theatre, he had an affair with a lovely young ballerina Alexandra Sorokina. Born the son of Vladimir. But when the child was only three years old, Mishulin moved to another city, Alexander and his son to stay in Tver. They corresponded, Spartacus paid child support, but her son had not seen. He had started a completely different star life. And Sasha Sorokina life, on the contrary, rolled down the slope.

She broke her leg and was unable to dance on stage. Not survive the parting with the beloved man and beloved profession, she took to drink and died. Tragic happened and the fate of their son. Vladimir without proper supervision grew up a bully, started drinking, went on a bad path and landed in jail. Where he died. He left a son Edward, born in 1973.

I wonder what family Edward Karina Mishulina and her mother had agreed to meet, and even speak with the legitimate daughter of the actor graciously listened to new information and newly-born nephew looked good. As rightly noticed in the Studio with Edward, she has nothing to share: his father — her brother — was born 33 years before she was born.