Дмитрия Тарасова и Анастасию Костенко заподозрили в тайной свадьбе Fans of the pair have decided that today they formalized their relationship. The reason for this was videos that Dmitry Tarasov has published in the microblog. In the video beautiful and happy lovers are going somewhere in the car.

About the affair of footballer Dmitry Kostenko and model Anastasia Kostenko became known after the divorce of sportsman TV presenter Olga Buzova. The lovers tried not to flaunt their happiness, but long to hide my feelings from the public, they could not. Gradually the couple began to publish a joint photo in the microblog.

Today, the statement said ambiguous video Stories “Instagram”. Dmitri was dressed in a tuxedo with the butterfly, and Anastasia dressed in a long white dress. The girl’s hair slicked back in a neat tail. The lovers were singing the wedding song rapper Mota. Many fans suspected Tarasov and Kostenko in a secret wedding.

“StarHit” associated with the athlete and his chosen one, but they’ve gone from a direct answer whether the place is actually a wedding or not.

“They are all well, we met during the week, but I do not know this information with me did not share”, – said the “StarHit” a close friend of Dmitri Alexander Tarasov known as the rapper T-Killah.

It is not excluded that the lovers went on Friday for the important evening, and so I decided to get dressed so solemnly. Not so long ago they spoke to the stylist who picked them up for their outfits. However, the man did not talk about where it was going in love, just calling it “important event”.

Perhaps coincidentally, the machine began to play the wedding song Mota, with whom close contact pair. It is likely that in this way they wanted to do something nice for the artist and show how much they like this romantic composition.

As it turned out, the couple went to the wedding of close friends Tarasov.

“Dear brother and lovely Sonia! I congratulate you on remarkable event in every person’s life – wedding day! Let everything will be fine, but more,” wrote Dmitry in the microblog.

The other day Dmitry and Anastasia returned from vacation, which they spent in Dubai. Luxury resort beloved allowed myself to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle. As recognized by Kostenko, they really succeed. Fans of the pair, watching with interest the development of their relationship and share their assumptions about the forthcoming wedding in social networks.

Rumors about the engagement Tarasov and Kostenko appeared a few months ago, after the pair walked for a holiday on the occasion of the birthday of the model. Later it turned out that a ring that previously attentive fans considered on the finger of the lady footballer was captured on the occasion, the company informed.