У Дмитрия Тарасова и Анастасии Костенко многомиллионные долги
The player has pledged two “Mercedes”.

Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instagram Anastasia Kostenko

Dmitry Tarasov used to live in Grand style, because it
wages in the “Locomotive” was 2.5 million euros per year. Not wanting
to agree to an income of “only” 1.2 million (as agreed
to pay the football club of railroad workers under the new contract)
the athlete has deprived himself of a livelihood. The contract has not been renewed.

Now Dmitry is concerned about looking for a new club, and while it
debts on loans are rising. As it turned out, in addition to apartments worth 65
million rubles, which did not manage to sell the player according to
the information the registry of notifications about pledge of movable property, still listed
debts for two cars Mercedes,
purchased them a few years ago. One
of the machines for a long time belonged to Olga Buzova. Roll in the hay with Anastasia
Kostenko, he gave her a Mercedes,
having credit for a position on the first car. Together movables
Tarasova is worth about 15 million rubles.

One thing is unclear: why, earning annually about 170
million rubles, it was impossible to buy cars from. Apparently, the family was
other expenses. And now Dmitry will have to save. Furthermore, there are
coming happy, but a very costly event. Footballer’s wife will soon give
firstborn. Only one birth will cost an unemployed athlete in a million
rubles. Further spending will increase exponentially. After all
no wonder hardened cynics often say: “the Child — the most expensive toy.”