Дмитрия Тарасова заподозрили в агрессивном нападении на болельщика Andrey Izmailov claims that he had a conflict with a famous football player. The victim is willing to undergo lie detector to prove his innocence. Dmitry Tarasov denied the information publicized.
Дмитрия Тарасова заподозрили в агрессивном нападении на болельщика

Midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov was in the center of the scandal. Football player suspected in the attack on the fan “Spartaka” Andrey Izmailov. The victim went to the sports editors of the newspaper, outlining his version of the events that occurred on the evening of the first of may in one of the Moscow restaurants.

According to Izmailov, he watched football in the same place, where the partying company Tarasova and brothers Miranchuk. The man posted a photo of the athletes in the stories of his Instagram, referring to players ‘ accounts. “Watching #realmovie with hookah and alcohol… After yesterday’s defeat from “Krasnodar”, – said Andrey. The fan was a shame that the players lost, but continued as if nothing had happened be entertained in one of the capital’s schools.

“After about 40-60 minutes I ran up to Tarasov. Asked: “did you do That?” I knew immediately what it was about, replied: “Yes.” Then came a powerful blow to the forehead. Beaten by the fist – hand, but very strong. I even have the glasses flew. I stood up. And then immediately flew another five or six people of Caucasian appearance. Do not just think that I am a nationalist. Just describe those who were with Tarasov. One had a trunk – I don’t know, “in trauma” or not. And this man also punched me in the face. To put it mildly,” Izmailov shared with reporters.

Then, according to Andrey Tarasov took the phone from him and began to resent. According to the fan, the player shouted and used obscene words. “Like, God forbid, it will burn, “do you not know who I am” and so on” – says the victim. As a result, the athletes deleted photos from phone memory Izmailov, but not from stories Instagram.

After the attack of the fans were traces of blows on her forehead. According to Andrew, there are several witnesses to the incident – visitors and footballer Soslan Dzhanaev with a friend. Izmailov also said that the Miranchuk brothers did not intervene in the conflict, preferring to watch from the sidelines. “I have the feeling that they just got into bad company,” said Andrew.

Journalists called Dmitry Tarasov, but he denies information about his attack on the fan.

“It’s a delusion of some kind, – said the player . – Maybe this person did something wrong. I wasn’t there. This was not. Anyone wants some sort of provocation, perhaps, to organize”.

The correspondent of “Sport-Express” got in touch with the club “locomotive”, but they reported that they had no information about any conflicts with the players. In the restaurant, where, according to the fan, the incident occurred, was also quick to refute the data, received wide publicity.