Дмитрий Тарасов остался без работы накануне родов Костенко Despite the expired contract, the player continues to train with athletes of Lokomotiv. Earlier, there were rumors that the athlete proposed to cut the salary in half. Dmitry Tarasov was left without a job before the birth of Anastasia Kostenko – the girl should give birth in mid-July.
Дмитрий Тарасов остался без работы накануне родов Костенко

Salary Dmitri Tarasov can be envied – in the club “the locomotive” the 31-year-old athlete received about 2.5 million euros per year. However, the questions now are not only the future career achievements of the player, but not a small fee. As it became known yesterday, with Tarasov has not yet extended the contract. Despite this, ex-husband of Olga Buzova continues to train with the team and is now at the training camp of the club.

By the way, the rumors about the problems Tarasov in Lokomotiv go for a few months, the athlete was invited to play at the world Championship in the Russian team, and shortly before it supposedly was going to cut the salary in half.

Fans immediately assumed that Dmitry is not satisfied with the low fee, and he will try to continue his career at another club. However, the fact that the athlete is at a training camp Lokomotiv gives many hope that he will continue to play for the Champions last season.

Дмитрий Тарасов остался без работы накануне родов Костенко

Dismissal is not beneficial to the player – just a couple of months Tarasov a second time to be a father. His wife, Anastasia Kostenko, is in the last stages of pregnancy, and the player does not get tired to emphasize how much he loves his wife.

“Honey, waiting for you very. This is the most beautiful period in life,” – said the footballer in Instagram.

Apparently, Tarasov tries not to pay attention to the uncertainty that exists now in his career. He continues to work and train not to lose shape. Earlier, the President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has informed, that will always be happy to see Dmitry in the team “Terek” from Grozny. However, the last nine years the ex-husband of Olga Buzovoy played in Moscow and are unlikely to want somewhere to go to, especially with a young wife and small child.

In any case, the final completion of a career Tarasova in the “Locomotive” to speak while early. The fact that the transfer window during which Dmitry will be able to go to another club, will be open until mid-September. However, fans of football are sure that the situation with the midfielder become clearer in the coming weeks.