Dmitry Tarasov was glad to get rid of Olga Buzova

Дмитрий Тарасов порадовался избавлению от Ольги Бузовой Player congratulated the new stage in life. Promoter Andrey Lobzhanidze admired professional qualities of Dmitry Tarasov and called his wife Anastasia Kostenko “the don beauty”. And ex-wife of the sportsman Olga Buzova PR considered a burden.
Дмитрий Тарасов порадовался избавлению от Ольги Бузовой

From the moment midfielder Moscow “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov has divorced TV presenter Olga Buzova, it’s been more than a year. However, the noise around the separation of the pair is still strong. Some accuse the current wife of footballer Anastasia Kostenko in the collapse of the family. The athlete and his wife try not to pay attention to the comments of spiteful critics. This summer, Tarasov and Kostenko will be adding to the family. Anastasia waits a daughter that will be her first child and the second heir Dmitri.

Promoter Andrey Lobzhanidze, also known as Andreas, congratulated the player with gradesin addition to the family, and described his past life. PR man called ex-wife Tarasov Olga Buzova “burden”, and the current darling of men “don beauty”. According to Lobzhanidze, Dmitry – the “big fellow” in everything, including in their sporting activities. Dmitry thanked Andreas, leaving his post under the appropriate comment.

Social media users condemned the promoter for his harsh remark about ex-wife Tarasov. “Now talking only about Buzova, thus giving more reason to talk about it. I am not an ardent fan of her, but many would like to be in her place,” wrote one of commentators post Andreas. “Especially when the popularity suddenly subsides, and people begin to see clearly that he shoved the soup! And then everything will be like woody Allen!” answered Lobzhanidze.

Andreas also denied the speculation that wanted to hurt Buzova. “It’s my personal opinion. I did not insult, but I say it is,” shared PR. However, fans of Olga criticized Lobzhanidze, deciding that he purposely walked on the star. “Look at yourself. Even you, a grown man PR at the expense of Buzova! When you wrote it, I realized that I will not remain without attention”, “I would say more that he was a burden to Olly”, “Apparently, someone decided to hypenate on behalf of O. B.,” discussed in the Network.

Meanwhile the club “Lokomotiv”, where he plays Dmitry Tarasov defeated the St. Petersburg “Zenit” with the score 1:0. One round before the end of the season railroad recognized Champions of Russia. Victory players was the third for all history of existence of the team. During the match, Tarasov was injured – he was badly cut eyebrow. Dmitry called paramedics, who gave him the necessary assistance.