Dmitry Tarasov told looks like his newborn daughter

Дмитрий Тарасов рассказал, как выглядит его новорожденная дочь
The player has shared details about the birth and baby.

Photo: Instagram

On Tuesday Dmitry Tarasov again became a father. Footballer’s wife Anastasia Kostenko in time bore him a beautiful daughter. For the model girl was the first child, and Tarasov already has a daughter from his first marriage. Angelina is 9 years old, she looks just like his dad and already has a career in modeling.

Apparently, as they say, the genes Dmitry is very strong, as the second daughter also inherited the appearance from the Pope. About Tarasov himself has told reporters.

“We came to the hospital at about 11 o’clock, and exactly at 19:30 my wife gave birth, — has shared details about the happy event player. — My daughter was born healthy, beautiful, like me! Over the name until I think the final version yet!”

An hour later, after giving birth, new parents announced the birth of a daughter on social networks.

“Came to light our long-awaited baby! — wrote Kostenko. — A lot of emotions and new feelings. I never thought that happiness could be the growth of 50 cm and a weight of 2940 grams!”

Childbirth took place in a luxury medical center “Lapine”. Stay there and services of medical cost stellar pair in more than a million rubles. And it raised questions among fans Tarasova, because just yesterday there were rumors of a multimillion-dollar debt of the player. Said he lost his job and has loans for luxury cars.

“I learned about it from reports in “direct”. Why do people want to me to convey. Indeed, such information is in the press wrote about the fact that I have some financial problems. But all this is ridiculous! I have no problems, neither financial nor emotional. I’m happy I have a wonderful wife, and I the second time became Pope. I had loans, and I do not hide. But I don’t have them problems. There is a special base on which you can watch if I had debts or not. In fact, I’m really unemployed. Football, all sports life is all the long talks, the leadership wants one, I want more, but I think soon we will find common language and I will fly to the training camp”, — said Tarasov portal “Super”.