Dmitry Tarasov told about the marriage contract with Anastasia Kostenko

Дмитрий Тарасов рассказал о брачном контракте с Анастасией Костенко Midfielder “Locomotive” engaged in furnishing luxury houses located on the banks of the river. Recently footballer Dmitry Tarasov shared idyll with model Anastasia Kostenko. The young people caused heated discussions in social networks.
Дмитрий Тарасов рассказал о брачном контракте с Анастасией Костенко

Footballer Dmitry Tarasov does not hide his relationship with model Anastasia Kostenko. More recently, young people are posting photos on social networks. The lovers even have a fan page on the Internet.

Recently Dmitry has shared the photo, which captures the process of his work on home improvement. The chosen participant must be over helps him make a home.

Dmitry Tarasov presented the girl the only daughter

“Just putting finishing touches. Ordered the curtains in our home”, – said Tarasov.

Your post, the footballer was accompanied by a number of hashtags, including such words as “family”, “children”, “happiness”, “comfort”, “peace” and “silence”.

As you might guess, the post Dmitry has caused rough reaction in social networks. Many fans of the ex-wife sports stars Olga Buzova again began to leave the man’s comments, which expressed his conjectures about his behaviour. Moreover, they criticized Tarasov is that he recently fork family nest with a famous TV presenter. Others remembered that the football was once made marriage a contract in which Buzova could not claim to jointly acquired property. Dmitry answered the question of one of podeschi. As the words of Tarasova, he has no plans to draft such a document, if to speak about relations with Kostenko.

Дмитрий Тарасов рассказал о брачном контракте с Анастасией Костенко

It is worth noting that the player is not one of those people who take criticism seriously in social networks. Dmitry periodically reads the comments and responds to comments subscribers. So, Tarasov sent one of them a smiley face in the kiss, making it clear that he was not interested in the opinion of the Internet users.

At the same time, fans of the pair, on the contrary, they wrote a lot of compliments. “How beautiful,” “well Done guys”, “Anastasia will be the perfect hostess”, “keep it up”, “wow!”, “This house is amazing. Moreover, located on the banks of the river”, “Happiness to you! People don’t get to decide what is good and bad,” wrote fans Kostenko and Tarasova.

We also add that the midfielder “Locomotive” was asked of Internet users to respect his privacy and to stop the insults in social networks. “We are all adults, just learning to live and everyone make mistakes. My own was that I allowed everyone to be part of our relationship. As they say, “live for likes” (I think it’s relevant for today problem). It happens that people differ,” said the man in the microblog.