Dmitry Tarasov scared another fight with a pregnant Anastasia Kostenko

Дмитрий Тарасов напугал друга ссорой с беременной Анастасией Костенко A player who this summer will become a father for the second time, told reporters, as spending time with his wife. Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko settled in a country house, they often come to visit Anton and Aleksey Miranchuk. Once the athlete played one of the brothers.

31-year-old midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov and his wife, 24-year-old model Anastasia Kostenko, preparing for the big event. This year, the couple have a daughter. In anticipation of the replenishment in the family the pair gave an interview in which he told about their relationship.

Now Anastasia and Dimitri live in a country house. Best friends Tarasova the Miranchuk brothers often visit him and Kostenko. On New year sister gave the player a game Dendy. Sportsman delighted with this pastime. “Just a return to childhood,” he says. The miranchuk support Tarasova, and when he was joking, not offended.

“The first of April has passed with games! Late in the evening sitting in a cafe with his wife, comes the first of April. Write Anton Miranchuk: “Brother, I quarreled with Nastya, I’m really sick, come on.” He said, “What happened?! Where to go?!”. Brother was with a girl, but I told him I wasn’t ready now someone else to see. Anton rushed to the cafe… And there we are with Nastia and her dad! Say: “What’s the date? Today you are a fool, ha ha!”. Anton was a bit mad, of course. But I was once again convinced: “Brother – friend! The brothers are true friends!” But I’m always there” – shared Dmitry.

March 18, Tarasov turned 31. Before the player tried to have noisy parties at night clubs, but this time decided to organize a home-cooked dinner for loved ones. Dmitry invited me to his family – his mother, sister and the relatives of his wife Anastasia. The next day, the athlete sat in the restaurant in a narrow circle of friends.

Anastasia Kostenko also marked his birthday in March. Dmitry gave her a surprise by inviting friends home. “They waited for us until we somewhere went. Importantly, in the way we agreed to see the movie “Hachiko”, – says Anastasia. When the couple finally returned, they were met with thunderous applause. “The guys set the table, sat with them, said,” – said Dmitry.

About how the lovers will call their child, they prefer not to speak. According to Tarasov, it is too early to prepare for the birth of his daughter. But Kostenko every day says to her husband that the urgent need to engage in the construction of a child’s room.

“My doctor has already told Dima that in pregnant women there is a phase of mind, and in this period they love to “gnedovets” – to paint something, buy furniture and so on. Now I have a phase and has come!” – Anastasia said, laughing.

By the way, not so long ago held a competition “Miss Russia”. Kostenko and Tarasov were the guests of the event. The player confessed to the magazine “Our Loko” that he was disappointed. Girls who have been given Dmitry, ceased to participate in the competition after the first round. According to Anastasia, her husband was very upset due to the fact that it summed up the intuition.