Дмитрий Тарасов обвинил Ольгу Бузову в предательстве The player for the first time spoke on the topic of divorce with a famous TV presenter. According to Dmitry, it hurts to talk about why they Olga and I are no longer together. Tarasov also frankly told about the reasons of parting with Buzova, as well as its status after that.

      Дмитрий Тарасов обвинил Ольгу Бузову в предательстве

      Today, the Network blasted the news that Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov finally decided to leave. At the disposal of journalists turned out to be a copy of the request for divorce, the spouses filed in the Meshchansky registry office. If earlier fans of the couple hoped that “tarabotti” reconciled and reunited, it is now clear that there is no turning back. A long time former lovers carefully concealed from the journalists the details of what happened. Recently, however, Dmitry Tarasov spoke on the topic of parting with his beloved.

      Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are preparing to divorce

      The athlete admitted that he did not like to talk about the divorce with Olga Buzova. Tarasov said he’s not feeling very well in light of recent events. Soon celebrities will have the division of property. According to Dmitry, Olga will depart half acquired them during the marriage. The player openly spoke about the fact that money is the main reason for his disagreement with the leading. In addition, Tarasov also said that his former lover different Outlook on life.

      “What is love? I said to her with all my heart, and she? See? Money divides. This is a betrayal! I have no words. I now feel really bad about, I didn’t expect this from her. It’s hard for me my head is spinning, all jam-Packed with negativity… I don’t know what she wanted in this life. She has very different priorities and views on life. I was ready for a baby, she apparently is not. I now, honestly, no one at all will believe in this life. I’m afraid”, — said Dmitry Tarasov.
      Дмитрий Тарасов обвинил Ольгу Бузову в предательстве

      Olga Buzova itself has so far refrained from commenting about her breakup with a loved one. Apparently, she doesn’t really want to share the details of the incident. After breaking up with Tarasov Olga plunged in. By his own admission, he toils from morning to evening. Not so long ago she presented the song “the sounds of kisses,” and then she went to Berlin. There she interviewed Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. In addition, Buzova surprise of many, the image has changed. Now she’s a spectacular brunette. The star does not hide that he decided to start a new life.

      We also recall that in one of the posts in Instagram Olga indirectly touched upon the theme of separation with her husband. Buzova told about the pain of betrayal. Fans the leading, outspoken publication for Dmitry Tarasov. In the poem the celebrities were the following lines:

      You know… the Angels one day tired:
      From someone of lies, betrayal and pain,
      From the promises that you give
      To keep that you have not enough will.

      Olga Buzova spoke about the pain of betrayal

      Note that the separation and the leading player was a big surprise for all fans of the couple, who considered her very beautiful and harmonious. In an interview Wday.ru Dmitry Tarasov said that the first filed for divorce. The athlete also stated that, apparently, it was supposed to happen.