Dmitry Tarasov made a “romantic” in the Maldives

Дмитрий Тарасов устроил «романтик» на Мальдивах The player is enjoying a luxury holiday in the company of close relatives. Recently Dmitry has published another video where he basked under the scorching sun. Video Tarasova has caused a storm of emotions among its subscribers.

      After parting ways with leading Olga Buzova footballer Dmitry Tarasov went with family to the Maldives. Now there is a very comfortable weather for travelers. Sports star enjoying a long-awaited vacation and trying to forget about all the problems. The outgoing year was very difficult for Tarasov: he not only went with his wife, but was seriously injured and was forced to stop training in the General group.

      Dmitry Tarasov boast a carefree life in the Maldives

      While abroad, Dmitry regularly shares with subscribers video and photos taken in a tropical Paradise. On one of the recent videos Tarasov posing lying on a sandy beach. A young man with sunglasses and beach wear, he looks very happy and relaxed.

      Apparently, football used to shoot drone. On the video you can see how the camera gradually moves away from the face of Dmitry, leaving a star deep in the distance. Tarasov wrote on the sand 23 is the number under which he acts in the “Locomotive”. “No comment” – with these words the young man has signed the movie. It also sounds voice – popular song by rapper Jah Khalib. It has the following lines:

      Let’s fly far away.
      Where no one will find.
      Let’s fly far away.
      Let’s fly away, far, far away.
      Hovering in the clouds high.

      Followers Tarasova wished him good health and speedy recovery. They also found that romantic video perfectly captures the mood during the holidays. “It’s great”, “I want that”, “Heaven”, “Wonderful stay”, “What a beauty”, “this is fun”, “Cool”, “Beauty”, “Chic”, discussed followers Dmitry.

      Earlier in mass media appeared information about how the rehabilitation Tarasov. Head coach of “Locomotive” Yuri Semin told reporters that the player is unlikely to return to the General group on the first two charges, which will be held in Marbella. Further participation of Dmitry in training depends on how goes the healing process. Semin does not exclude that a star athlete can go with his team to Turkey, where he is also scheduled workouts.

      Recall also that the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova will be held on December 30. Ex-beloved filed in the Meshchansky registry office of Moscow. Around breakup celebrities, a lot of rumors, but they prefer to remain silent about the specific reasons why it happened. Olga Buzova about breaking up with her husband: “I’m to blame”