Дмитрий Тарасов лишился многомиллионной зарплаты
The player is experiencing career difficulties shortly before the birth of a daughter.

Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: @tarasov23 Instagram Dmitriy Tarasov

Dmitry Tarasov was left without a job before the birth of his wife — Anastasia Kostenko. In late June, the player has ended the contract with “the Locomotive”. The management of football club has not yet signed a contract extension, this means that the athlete is temporarily left without a paycheck. Moreover, there is no guarantee that Joe will continue to play for the club.

Rumors that Tarasov could leave the “locomotive” appeared last winter. In June of this year, shortly before the end of the contract of Dmitry, the media leaked information about what he was asked to stay in the club with a salary part-time. Despite the fact that the railroad this year became Champions of Russia, the coaching staff is not appreciated the work efficiency in the team Tarasova.

Perhaps Dmitry will make a transfer to another club, but that members of the press know nothing. It is worth noting that fans of Olga Buzova especially gloat over Tarasov, who does not develop a career after her divorce from ex-wife.

Unlike ex-husband, Olga’s career goes uphill. In the personal life of a star too soon will come a change. Now in Italy going through the shooting of the project “Marry Buzova,” where the heart of TV stars will be fighting millionaires.