Дмитрий Тарасов продемонстрировал страсть с Анастасией Костенко The footballer and the model is lit on a fun party with friends. Dmitry Tarasov and his colleagues noisily celebrated the victory in the final match of the Cup of Russia. The athlete and his fiancee no longer hide their feelings for each other.
Дмитрий Тарасов продемонстрировал страсть с Анастасией Костенко

The night before, Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko lit in one of the capital’s institutions. Love the company amounted to colleague player and also friends of the athlete – artist T-killah and blogger Amiran Sardarov. Apparently, athlete was celebrating a significant event in the life of FC “locomotive” – getting Cup of Russia.

During the party Dmitry Tarasov decided to perform the song Timati and Misha Marvin called “what’s that”. The player sang it, dancing with his beloved Anastasia Kostenko. Lovers publicly demonstrated their feelings to each other. A short video documenting the idyll that reigns among young people who shared the blogger Amiran Sardarov.

Fans Tarasov and Kostenko were delighted with a video published on social networks. They found that the athlete and the model look great together, and wished them all the best.

Recall that the final match of the Cup of Russia took place on 2 may. In the final competitions “locomotive” won a victory over Ekaterinburg “Ural”. The match was held in the arena “fischt” in Sochi, ended with the score 2:0 in favor of the capital club. After “the locomotive” has won a victory, he won the right to participate in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League of the season 2017/18.

The achievement of “railway” has caused a storm of emotions among their fans. Fans of “Locomotive” could not get enough of the victory of the football club. Among those who sincerely supported the athletes was model Anastasia Kostenko. Pretty worried for his mate the whole game and after the match shared the video, which depicted a fragment of an interview with Dmitry Tarasov. “Proud of you!” – with these words, the girl signed post.

Add that a famous football player has been repeatedly recognized in love to the music. Dmitry Tarasov is friends with the performers ILO and T-killah. In one interview athlete admitted that he likes rap music. In addition, Dmitry readily ignites with friends in the karaoke singing their favorite songs. By the way, not long ago, T-killah has intrigued fans with a photo taken in a recording Studio. “A new track. New Duo” – with these words the artist has signed the joint with Tarasov. In this regard, some users of social networks have come to the conclusion that Dmitry is working on the song.