Dmitry Tarasov has been an accident involving a stranger

Дмитрий Тарасов оправдался за аварию с участием незнакомки On the eve of the Network has been spread videos showing snippets from the scene of an accident in which was involved a famous football player. Later it turned out that the athlete is not involved in those violations mentioned by the second participant of the accident.

      Yesterday in the Internet appeared the video, which was filmed the scene of an accident involving footballer Dmitry Tarasov. A woman Hope tried to blame the athlete in moral harm and even filed a complaint to the police. Law enforcement has decided to understand, as actually was the case. Tarasov has also provided a short video from the DVR. According to the young person, the woman wanted to frame him.

      Dmitri Tarasov sued after an accident

      “People sometimes go to very dishonorable things for a minute PR. That’s their business, not going to judge, but only in one case – if it’s not the peace and humiliation of others. Most of all I hate lie. In this video the heroine of the incident, which did not know about the availability of DVR in the car. Once again confirms that it is not always necessary to believe what you write,” said Tarasov in a microblog.

      The Department of traffic police has been checking on road accident for lack of corpus delicti. Tarasov came to the institution to fully describe what happened, but the second participant of the conflict have ignored the meeting. The athlete told all the details of what happened on the New Arbat and explained was between him and the Hope of a skirmish.

      Watched the video of the football player supported it. “Well done! Adequately answered. And not rough,” “have the Benefit of the Registrar, is guilty, and, as I understand, it hit him, remove the steering wheel”, “just a little scratch, harmless accident. Why raise such a fuss?”, – wrote followers.

      We will remind that on Thursday Hope Fedosenkova spread in the social network of guilty to the rollers in the address Tarasov. The woman wrote that his friends threatened her and took away the phone. However, once the journalists drew attention to her posts, she closed the account and disappeared. “I do not understand why the girl, who herself allowed myself profanity in my direction, writes everywhere that I almost attacked her. I have a feeling that this is a deliberate provocation to my address”, – commented on the incident Dmitry