Дмитрий Тарасов хвалится беззаботной жизнью на Мальдивах The player is trying to escape from the sad thoughts. Dmitry Tarasov entertaining in the Islands, where so often went to rest with his wife Olga Buzova. The man now spends his days in Paradise in the company of relatives.

      The football team of Russia Dmitry Tarasov a week ago went from noisy Moscow to enjoy the nature and tranquility of the Maldives. Many fans remembered that it was a favorite place of the athlete and his is still the official wife Olga Buzova. The pair often traveled on Paradise island in the Indian ocean.

      Apparently, Dmitry is trying to distract from negative thoughts related to the breakup of his family, and having a great time surrounded by the closest people – mother and other relatives. Moreover, not so long ago, the athlete had surgery on the knee, and therefore it is extremely important as soon as possible to restore health and strength. Dmitry plenty of swims in the pool rises above the water on a flyboard and enjoy the fellowship with your closest people.

      “Where is phone will be the Pacific ocean” – quoted Tarasov the lyrics of the song “Seven days” musician Jah Khalib in the microblog.

      Fans were glad that Dmitri can afford to go on vacation after a difficult period in life. However, in the review they hastened to tell him that now health of his wife Olga Buzova not all right. On the eve of the presenter knock out a serious virus. Olga Buzova spent the night on a drip

      “And Olga is sick, on a drip lies”, “well Done Dima, relax, have fun. Life goes on, you have a daughter. And the most important thing”, “Dmitry, a strong man is one who can save his family, who forgives and asks for forgiveness! Relationships are job two, problems in relationships is due to two! I wish you, to your family, your wife left you. Your reconciliation you will unite even more, it’s time to have a baby and then there will be time to fight!” – I wrote to the followers in the social network.

      Apparently, the fans still hope that “tarabotti” will find the strength to finally make peace. Until now, the topic of the divorce of Dmitry and Olga – one of the most discussed among fans of the athlete and TV presenter, and surrounded by couples. Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

      “Surrounded by Olga and Dima literally split into two camps – told “StarHit” Julia, a friend Buzova. Especially it hurt the families of the players. Because girls naturally took her side, sympathize with, and men to protect Tarasova, considering that he’s right. It touched Mary and Paul Pogrebnyakov, Alexander and Yulia Samadovich. Many home discussing the behavior of the main characters of the story, literally came to scandal. Therefore, the same Pogrebnyakov divorce Dima and Olya is now in the list of banned topics – from a sin far away”.