Дмитрий Тарасов и Анастасия Костенко отменили свадьбу
The footballer and the model flew to the Maldives.

Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: Instagram

Looks Like Olga
Buzova open a bottle of expensive champagne without waiting for the chimes! Reason
for the holiday came two weeks before the New year it became known that her
ex-husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov and model Anastasia Kostenko canceled
wedding. The celebration was scheduled for December 15, but they suddenly decided
to transfer an important date. The trip to the registry office, they chose a romantic trip to
Maldives. Of course, it looks like a honeymoon, but Dmitry and Anastasia
argue that it is just a vacation. Anyway, Tarasov still
bachelor, and Kostenko — single.

the engagement of ex-husband Buzovoy model became known a month ago. Then 30-year-old
the footballer, which, however, has long been considered a hero of secular, and not
sports news, traveled with Anastasia Kostenko in the musical “Anna
Karenina” in Moscow. Dmitry Tarasov has published Stories in his Instagram
the model, and fans do not pay attention to where it is
the couple and the ring on her ring finger.

of course, like an engagement, and before such decoration Anastasia
wore (her microblog subscribers know this for sure, because since then, as Kostenko started Dating Tarasov, she
is online “under the microscope”).