Dmitry Shepelev’d gone back in time

Дмитрий Шепелев погрузился в прошлое The TV host got a haircut in the style of the nineties. Dmitry Shepelev appeared in a new way on one of the last pictures in Instagram. Fans found that a new hairstyle is incredibly star. “Handsome!”, – do they compliments to the showman.

      The famous showman Dmitry Shepelev decided to try on a new look. The presenter demonstrated that he is prone to retro-style. Dmitry Shepelev got a haircut that was in fashion in the nineties of the last century. New hairstyle Shepeleva features extremely short bangs, which falls in straight strands on his forehead as open as possible. Plus, Dmitry Shepelev and even got rid of a three-day stubble, which is incredibly he went and gave the brutality of the refined face of the star.

      “Haircut as in the nineties”, – has signed a snapshot of it in a new way Dmitry Shepelev. The post he accompanied with a smiley face depicting a laughing to tears man.

      Subscribers of the broadcaster noted that the retro style suits him very well. They kept praising the star and said that he looks much younger than his years.

      “I was going to hear that pretty boy?! Handsome!”, “Dima, you look great”, “You will go,” “a Wonderful father and man! Good luck to you”, “you Look like a boy. Eyes glow and this happiness! Keep your happiness to yourself and be healthy!”, – written by admirers of Dmitry Shepelev.

      It is worth noting that over the last couple of months, the showman is not the first time surprises the audience with the image change. Dmitry Shepelev was surprised by the change of image

      In late September, the broadcaster appeared in the program “Dostoyanie Respubliki”, which is paired with Yuri Nikolaev, in an unusual all the way. Fans noted that Shepelev was wearing stylish horn-rimmed glasses, to make a fashionable cut and lost the beard that’s been growing for quite a long time.

      By the way, Dmitry Shepelev recently began more actively to publish in the microblog joint photo with his son Platon. At the end of October the showman’s son gave myself a short vacation on the coast. Every the with Plato is a lively response from subscribers Dmitry Shepelev. In the account of a celebrity people continue to leave comments with wishes of long life and health to Plato, he grew up in love and care and not tested on themselves all the tension that hovers in the air after the death of his mother Zhanna Friske.