Dmitry Shepelev willing to sacrifice work for the sake of communicating with his son

Дмитрий Шепелев готов пожертвовать работой ради общения с сыном The presenter spoke about Plato. Dmitry Shepelev told about how the boy changed his attitude to life. Despite being very busy at work, the man tries to hold the heir of every spare minute.

Dmitry Shepelev rarely pleases fans with revelations about his personal life. A man prefers to talk about the work and plans for the future, but about the son Paid he is trying not to say. Pictures of boy rarely appears on Instagram of his father, but if the broadcaster puts a picture, it is always very touching and gentle signs it.

However, in a recent interview Shepelev still open up. He told about how her son and what traditions exist in their family.

“I have not once said I didn’t want to raise a genius. The child must be a child: carefree, happy and carefree. That doesn’t mean you need to slack. I am a supporter of reasonable decisions. Yes, Plato is a teacher of English, is a music teacher, and he goes to kindergarten, and in the pool. But I ensure that it gave him pleasure”, – said Dmitry.

Due to the tight working schedule man spends all day apart with the boy. However, in the morning and evening, he tries to catch up. So, Shepelev said that she loves to prepare the child’s Breakfast. Daily Plato he orders what he wants to eat, and the father stands at the stove. Favorite dish the boy is the omelet cooked by Dmitry.

Especially the way the TV host joint evening with the baby. He shared a touching family tradition, which is strictly observed in their house.

“We meet at home in the evening, often have dinner together. I read to him before bedtime. This is our Holy time, which belongs only to us. I don’t answer phone calls or do stuff. This weekend we are mostly together. Especially love it when we do a lot of walking in the city”, – told the TV presenter.

Many fans believe Dmitry is the perfect father. The man not only pays to Plato maximum attention in everyday life, but also travelling along with him. For my son Shepelev ready to make any sacrifice, but he refuses to comment on the complex relationship with the family of Jeanne Friske.

We will remind, relatives repeatedly argued and pleaded about the financial issues and also for the right of education of Plato. Speaking to “TV Program”, Dmitry Shepelev did not want to touch controversial themes. He noted that a year ago, said the parents of Jeanne Friske everything I wanted, and during that time his views have not changed.