Dmitry Shepelev will pay for the debts of the family Friske

Дмитрий Шепелев расплатится за долги семьи Фриске
TV host lost his dream.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

Dreams Dmitry Shepelev about life with his son Platon in a country house sunk into Oblivion. Anyway, in the mansion, acquired during his romance with Megan Fox, he can not live. Became aware of the fact that this property “depart” Rusfond in the repayment of the debt of the family of the singer.

After the death of the performer from the accounts of Rusfond disappeared about 20 million rubles, which was collected for her treatment. According to some reports, the money was withdrawn by proxy mother Jeanne — Olga. Some time ago, the charitable organization distributed the debt by all the heirs, it is Called dad, mom and son Platon. Since the boy is a minor, to pay for it is the father who together with the father Friske was the owner of suburban real estate. On account of the multimillion debt, the house in which Dimitri was planning to move with my son, currently sealed, and will soon be arrested by the bailiffs.

Construction and home renovation Dmitry was involved in during the life of Jeanne. In an interview he said that during the disease Friske has not frozen the construction site, as well as hoping to recover his beloved. “I saw them in the beginning, when only the house was purchased. The three of them the baby came. It was clear already that she’s sick, face some not so… But they were happy, cheerful. Grilled kebabs, the boy rabbits showed (jobs they were bred). After the death of Jeanne Dima has been here constantly. One or with the boy. The construction site was controlled and was walking around with the baby. He now arrives, but does not build anything”, — said

Having lost all hope of settling in a country house, Dmitri not long ago made repairs in the apartment, where he now lives with Plato. With the arrangement of stylish homes he helped the First channel. The broadcaster became a member of the program “a Perfect repair”, to create a unique design in the living room of the apartment Shepeleva.