Dmitry Shepelev was intrigued by the unusual son

Дмитрий Шепелев заинтриговал необычным снимком сына Photos of five of Plato admired fans. Dmitry Shepelev took the child from behind, but members still said that the boy has changed. They do not get tired to admire the qualities of a parent broadcaster.
Дмитрий Шепелев заинтриговал необычным снимком сына

Dmitry Shepelev doesn’t like to advertise personal life. He tries to protect his son from excessive attention from others. That is why Instagram caring father rarely appear the pictures of five of Plato.

Recently, the broadcaster decided to show the grown heir. He put the shot where the boy is depicted from the back.

“Here, in my opinion, any comments to photos is not necessary. All summer” – signed photograph of Dimitri.

The post men led to a complete delight of his fans. They do not get tired to admire the qualities of the parent Shepeleva and his wisdom. “Dmitry, you are a super dad! Live for three! I think Jeanne is happy that her son is father,” “I admire you. After all this shit you are good man”, “Plato is already so big. It seems to me. It is similar to Jeanne,” wrote the fans of the presenter.

Earlier, the man admitted that he tries to spend with my son all my free time. He travels with the boy, making him Breakfast and in the evenings reading books. Despite the constant employment at work, Dimitri tries to surround the child with care and attention.

“I never cease to be surprised. Often tell him “thank you.” For what? For what you’ve brought to my life in order. Your right. When everything happens on time, and when you actually need! And happiness, of course, also thank you. Absolute happiness is not important in “LEGO land” or with a Cup of raspberry tea for cough,” said Shepelev previously.

The man has not commented on the rumours spreading around his personal life. Recently, information has appeared that Dmitry began a new relationship, but he prefers not to advertise them. Also the man did not discuss the revelations of the former lover of Jeanne Friske, which he shared in the program “New Russian sensations”.

Fans believe that the reason Shepelev hides her son from prying eyes. In their view, the presenter is trying to protect the child from the wave of negativity that constantly falls on their family.

Fans hope little Plato happy with a caring father. At least, Dmitry Shepelev trying to make this all possible.

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