Dmitry Shepelev was done in the style of the 90s

Дмитрий Шепелев сделал прическу в стиле 90-х

The TV presenter has dramatically changed the image and cut fans.

Dmitry very rarely talks about his life in social networks. It and is clear: after the tragedy that took place on 15 June 2015, when the life is gone spouse Shepeleva singer Zhanna Friske, leading for a long time could not get used to the idea. He became less flickering on the screen, rarely go out. But it seems now in the life of Dmitry finally came the white stripe.

Recently Shepelev brought them to Jeanne’s son three-year-old Plato at the sea, where they shared family photos. But back in Moscow, the showman decided to change the image, so much so that fans went into raptures.

“Haircut in the 90s,” wrote Dmitry and posted the picture with a new hairstyle. Comments are not long in coming. One girl likened the star to the hero of the film “meeting Place cannot be changed” Sharapov, others wrote that Dmitry and Plato – just copies of each other, still others admired the happy look and the beauty of the master.

“God! He’s so beautiful! Perhaps the most handsome man, well after my husband, of course. Eyes glow and this happiness! Keep your happiness to yourself and be healthy!” – wrote girls.

Haircut has really transformed Shepeleva, apparently, say that going to the Barber to change lives is a purely female thing. As we can see, for men, it also works. Of course, the smile and Shine in eyes not merit the hairdresser, but does it matter, why the showman finally stopped crying and came back to life?