Dmitry Shepelev was at the center of a new scandal

Дмитрий Шепелев оказался в центре нового громкого скандала
Stas Sadalsky has criticized the broadcaster.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Let them talk”

Dmitry Shepelev, after a long break, returned to Russian television. On the eve on the First channel premiered the author of his new show “really”. The first guests of the Studio of Dmitry was Aleksei Panin and his ex-wife, who answered each other’s questions on a polygraph is the main “chip” of the show. Experts assessed the readings and verdict: is it true the heroes of the program? That’s only the first issue was so controversial that it didn’t seem to expect even the Shepelev.

Panin with his wife for an hour in an abrupt manner find out the relationship, alternately accusing each other of hideous things. Dmitry tried to reason with encountered spouses, Recalling that the program was created in order to help the two parties to come to a consensus. However, to reason with Alexei and Yulia Shepeleva failed. As a result, the actor with his wife, never making a step towards reconciliation, again spraying each other with mud.

After the program aired, many viewers were left dissatisfied with it. “Regular “House-2″ how many?”, “Shake again, “dirty Laundry”… Maybe we should think about a different format?” — they write on social networks. Viewers supported by the Stas Sadalsky. “Have you seen… 1 channel, a new transmission with Shepelev? Disgusting aftertaste… — shared his opinion Sadalsky. — Before the TV was a window to the world, now is the window to Jo*. And did you like?”

It should be noted that on the return of Dmitry’s work became known in the spring. Then, however, there were rumors that Shepelev will replace Boris Korchevnikov the post host of the show “live”, but later this information was refuted.

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