Dmitry Shepelev touched the fans by the story of the son

Дмитрий Шепелев растрогал поклонников историей о сыне Broadcaster rests with Plato in Italy. Dmitry Shepelev told that recently almost brought the boy to tears. Fans were delighted with the delicate relations of man to the child.
Дмитрий Шепелев растрогал поклонников историей о сыне

Dmitry Shepelev does not hide that the main person in his life is the son of Plato. With the boy, he spends every spare minute, and often travels with the child. This time the star family went to Italy. TV presenter decided to share a sweet snapshot with her son and to tell a touching story that happened to them in Florence.

“Walking around Florence. Gently talk to Plato about the city: the Florentines and their eternal rivals inter. Listen in a half ear, of course. “Dad, come on, say, smotrim two servings of ice cream,” that’s the whole tour. He chose in the end are watermelon and lemon. I asked him for ice cream to try. Licked a lemon, and see son barely holding back tears. It turns out that I own subimage large half ball ate,” said Shepelev.

According to Dmitry, he tries to entertain Plato interesting information about cities and countries, but the kid is only interested in sweets. Many fans touched it, the tenderness with which a man talks about his son. “You write with such love. It’s so sweet and touching”, “How lucky is your boy! He’s such a great dad, not everyone is capable of such love”, “My sons, on vacation, too, are only interested in the Goodies. Love of history comes with age” – opinions of fans of the presenter.

Dmitry is not often puts a joint photo with his son, so each of them is delight of fans. Thus the man tries to hide the boy’s face, which explains the reluctance to deprive Plato relaxed and carefree childhood.

Despite some reticence, Shepelev often recognized son in love, noting that he changed his life. This time the man could not resist and spoke about feelings.

“In the end, I promised him to buy another lemon, and to tell a story about a large wild boar, who fulfills the desires of those who dare spirit. Here he learns the art of using ice cream. My Dodger. Love,” concluded the presenter.

Many fans noted that Plato is increased. Earlier Shepelev showed a picture of a boy from the back, where it is noticeable that he has changed. It is possible that man will continue to share impressions of the holiday, not forgetting to tell about the touching adventure of Plato.

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