Dmitry Shepelev took him away again of the son of the sea

Дмитрий Шепелев вновь увез сына на море TV presenter has published another photo with the heir during their joint vacation at the seaside. Members noted that they are pleased that the civil spouse Zhanna Friske started to share pictures of a younger son.

      In his microblog Dmitry Shepelev shared with subscribers of the family frame. They, along with son are now at sea. In the pictures presenter holds son on hands, but in a frame they aren’t looking. Anyway, followers the like, because so Shepelev gives them the know how is the life of his heir.

      Judging by the last post, Plato has grown significantly. The Pope has devoted time to spend with your child. Despite the tight schedule and employment in the project “Dostoyanie Respubliki”, the man still decided to devote himself to the family and left together with the son of the sea away from the damp and cold of the impending winter. Followers recognized that this decision was correct, especially that in Moscow, the father is unlikely to have the opportunity to walk with the heir every day except weekends.

      Dmitry Shepelev fled the country

      Netizens one way or another, continue to be interested in Dmitry, how are his relations with the family of Jeanne, is there a chance that someday they will be able to compromise. Some members insist that the attention from the grandparents the child will still be required. Anyone who does requests Shepeleva often put pictures where you could see Plato. Obviously, the star of television specifically shows this kind of images.

      It should be noted that recently Dmitry has published in his microblog some photos from the son, which is very valuable for followers, because leading is not an active user of social networks and not sharing all the details of his personal life. In the account of a celebrity people continue to leave comments with wishes of long life and health to Plato, he grew up in love and care and felt all the tension that hovers in the air after the death of his mother.

      “Happiness and health to Plato!”, “What kind of an adult already!”, “How nice of Dima. I’m sure You were a great father,” “Courage,patience and love to you and your baby!” – written by fans on the social network.

      Followers often write to Dmitry that idea as if fate, if Jeanne continued to live. But they appreciate that the Pope tries to show the son the best. Netizens believe that this will help to the son quicker to adapt to life and accept it for what it is. Subscribers praised the decision Shepeleva to travel with his son for the world. “All fathers engaged in the upbringing of their children. He does everything to ensure that the child saw the world. Jeanne also loved to travel,” written by one of our fans leading. Dmitry Shepelev showed a photo of grown up son