Dmitry Shepelev told about the wedding with Jeanne Friske

Дмитрий Шепелев рассказал о подготовке к свадьбе с Жанной Фриске
The host had poured out his soul to Andrey Malakhov.

Дмитрий Шепелев рассказал о подготовке к свадьбе с Жанной Фриске

Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev


On the eve of Dmitry Shepelev for the first time after the death of Jeanne Friske became a member of the TV show. Spouse of the singer decided to have a Frank conversation with Andrey Malakhov. The conversation got very emotional.

Shepelev admitted that he still picks up the words when it comes to his departed beloved. Speaking of Jeanne, Dmitry remembered their wedding, which was not destined to take place. The presenter said that Friske made an offer hands and hearts in the day of her birth is July 8. Dmitry pre-written speech, however, standing in front of his beloved on one knee, speechless.

However, after Jeanne had to defuse the situation with their ringing laughter, the seven dwarfs all together and asked her the question cherished. “She said, “I need to think!” Then she wrote me a message: “Yes!” — Dmitry told. Incidentally, the performer even at some point engaged in the wedding planning. She remained in the computer photographs of their favourite wedding dresses and rings. However, to be married to a sharp deterioration of Jeanne, the pair did not manage…

By the way. in the framework of Dmitry for the first time showed his three year old son of Plato. The heir Friske as they grow, becoming more and more like her mother.

Dmitry Shepelev and son Platon

Photo: freeze frame, “Let them talk”