Дмитрий Шепелев рассказал о своей новой возлюбленной

Дмитрий Шепелев рассказал о своей новой возлюбленной

This week, the network appeared information about the fact that the well-known Russian TV presenter, and part of the former civil husband Zhanna Friske decided to get married. Dmitry admitted that he wanted to take this step, however, he was stopped by the thought of criticism in his address. Even after the death of Jeanne, it took almost 5 years, Shepeleva still convicted of connection with other women.

Today, the TV host decided to talk about his new lover and how they met. It turns out that Dmitri became a link in this story. Plato — the son of leading and harmony — the daughter of the designer, go to one kindergarten.

Dmitry said that the children go to one kindergarten and been friends since day one. Of course he had to meet with the mother of the friend of Plato, which turned out to be a single woman. Ekaterina Tulupova creates a room design, and it attracted a celebrity beauty and sense of humor. Also, showman said that she he could trust 100%.

The public has long been noticed by Dmitry with a company this young and attractive blonde. Now, when it became known about their affair, the couple still tries not to advertise their relationship and rarely appear in public together. However, they often visit cultural places with my kids. For example, the four of them go to theaters, museums and exhibitions. Love to travel to the full.

Dmitry also said that whatever they were wonderful parents, but endless contact with children could ruin the romance between the parents. So they decided every couple of months to fly somewhere solely alone to enjoy each other. Recently they flew to Munich for the weekend, was very romantic and interesting.

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