Dmitry Shepelev threw him a Christmas surprise

Дмитрий Шепелев устроил сыну новогодний сюрприз The presenter took Plato on the tree. Dmitry shared with the heir, in which he poses for the camera in front. His face painted in the style of cartoon character black and white makeup.

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev took the son of Plato on new year’s. Probably all children who attended the festival were made up as characters from movies or cartoons. The heir Shepeleva chose drawing in black and white. In the pictures shared by his star father, it is difficult to fully examine the facial features of the child, but you can clearly see the lips and hair of the baby.

      Under the Dmitry left a strange signature. “A Christmas tree they are different, as it turns out,” – said TV presenter. Apparently, the event was organized a masquerade ball or something similar.

      Despite the intense rhythm of life, Shepelev devoting enough time to the upbringing of Plato. This weekend dad and son first went to a hockey game, which took place in the framework of the First channel Cup in Moscow. Before that, as Dmitry confessed that he never attended such events.

      The presenter is currently busy with the presentation of his book on Jeanne Friske. As recognized by the seven dwarfs in an interview after the death of the woman he tried to focus on my work and upbringing of his son, to make it easier to handle the loss. Dmitry Shepelev in “Let them talk”: the first interview on television

      “When near you baby, and you by and large with him one-on-one, you have no excuse to pour yourself that extra glass of wine, you have no right to cry, you have no right to depression, you can’t go anywhere. Allow yourself to relax, to give up. To travel… Because you have a child. Because you’re the father. And you can’t do anything that dropped in the eyes of this child your authority. So of course, I saved Plato”, said a man in the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”.

      Shepelev cares about his son and tries to make the boy in no way needed. Summer star dad carries the heir of the sea, and during autumn and winter suits baby fun Biking and sledding. Followers of Dmitry noted that he is a very good father.