Dmitry Shepelev, the son hired a foreign tutor

Дмитрий Шепелев нанял сыну зарубежного репетитора The presenter talked about what a charming Plato, who recently turned four years and also explained, is how to raise children. According to Dmitry Shepelev, he tries to travel a lot with your child, but also considers it important to teach a boy to tolerance.

On Monday evening in Moscow hosted a presentation of the book Natalia Remix “Children about important. About Dima and others. How to talk about difficult topics”, designed for parents and their kids. The event was attended by the writer herself, and famous people who came to support it. Among them was TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, Olga Shelest and Elena Pinsky, wife of rapper Basta. They speculate on how to discuss with the younger generation serious questions.

In recognition Shepeleva, he finds it necessary to raise her son Plato tolerant. So from childhood he teaches the boy to the fact that all people are not similar to each other.

“I am, first and foremost, put him in a Jewish kindergarten – even learning patience from birth. Also I asked for a child of a black English teacher. Also, in order to avoid the questions of why people are different,” – said TV presenter.

During the discussion, Dmitry told that trying to travel a lot with my son. The presenter considers it important to raise a child into a cosmopolitan, which will be open for new acquaintances with people from different corners of the globe. During his speech Dmitry speculate about how easy kids find a common language with each other. “Wherever the baby was, what in the world: in Europe or in America – please note that in the sandbox it can easily find common language with any children, regardless of what language they speak. And a boy from Chile easy playing with a guy from Chelyabinsk. And between them there is no divide…” – he explained.

In addition, Dmitry said that he pays much attention to literature. “One of the main attractions in my family reading. And we have a huge number of books”, – shared the leading.

According to Shepeleva, he also considers it necessary to converse with the younger generation about their peers with disabilities.

“Probably because of the circumstances in which we live, we rarely encountered these children. Therefore, our task is to talk about it with our children”, – said Dmitry.

In turn, the author Natalia Remix found the discussion very productive and shared their impressions in social networks. “You know, how was the press conference?! I thought it was a conversation about life. Not dialogue speakers-journalists. Once again we see that everywhere are people first!” – she wrote.