Дмитрий Шепелев прекратил эффективное лечение Жанны Фриске The singer’s father told about the medication who has been abandoned by her husband. According to relatives of Jeanne Friske, she started doing better, but because of ignoring the recommendations of doctors had a relapse.

The death of Jeanne Friske came as a surprise to her fans. The actress struggled with cancer and believed in a miracle. After the funeral started a long litigation the relatives of the actress and her lover Dmitry Shepelev.

Vladimir Friske decided to clarify the situation and spoke about his perspective on history in the program “the Secret to a million.” The man remembered that a few months before the death of Jeanne she has a chance to heal.

“She then stabbed expensive drug. He was worth 60 thousand dollars, but the action of the shot was enough for a month. Soon, doctors noticed the improvement. The tumor began to shrink in size, and Jeanne’s health has improved markedly. She literally fluttered. And then the seven dwarfs decided to stop the treatment. He said he had nothing, and everything is fine. As a result, had a relapse,” recalled a relative of the artist.

The whole family of Jeanne Friske was hoping for her healing. The artist did not even made a will because he believed in the victory over the disease. According to the father of star Dmitry Shepelev was with his beloved until the last days, but their relationship has significantly deteriorated. The TV host even offered to give the singer to the hospice, as he could not provide her with adequate care.

“One day I got a call from the wife of Konstantin Khabensky. Turns out she contacted Shepelev, offered him a revolutionary drug that could help. And he just asked whether it will be the same as before? When I heard that it is likely that Jeanne will change and never be the same, have stopped communicating. He was afraid that she will change, but for my wife and didn’t care what will be Jeanne after treatment. Just to be alive. I began to worry that he hurt her, submenu medication. So I learned to control the process”, – said Vladimir.

Despite the lengthy litigation and the constant conflicts with the civil husband of the daughter, Friske ready to forgive him. The only thing a man needs communication with his grandson. He fears that because of the feud between the families suffer the psychological health of Plato. With the heir Vladimir had not seen for several months. During the last meeting, the boy almost didn’t recognize relatives and was afraid to talk to them.

To end the enmity Vladimir Friske is even ready to apologize to Dmitry Shepelev for possible grievances. However, the father of the star has long ceased to hope for reconciliation.