Дмитрий Шепелев показал безудержное веселье с сыном The TV presenter posted a touching picture part of Plato. Dmitry Shepelev along with a boy jumping on a trampoline. The man signed the photo using a line from a song of Zhanna Friske.
Дмитрий Шепелев показал безудержное веселье с сыном

Dmitry Shepelev reluctant to share details of his personal life. The man rarely puts pictures of his son Plato, and tries not to comment on the scandals associated with his name. That is why every picture involving a child the TV presenter is a rapid delight of his fans.

Recently, Shepelev posted the picture, which jumps on the trampoline with your child. Apparently, the boy is very fun with the father.

“Somewhere in summer”, – has signed a snapshot Dmitry.

Many fans noted that the broadcaster remembered a line from a famous song of Zhanna Friske. Earlier Shepelev has repeatedly noted that still loves the singer and misses her. Now the main joy in his life is the son, next to which a man is willing to spend every minute.

Another frame with Dmitri and Plato has caused an incredible affection among the fans of men. They hurried to overwhelm it with positive reviews.

“It’s nice for you two to watch. Happiness to you, Happiness and health to you and your boy. Let all the hardships remain behind,” “Dima, how do you adequately, quietly protect and keep your love! Your dreams come true and will come true! I admire you” – opinions of fans of the presenter.

Dmitry prefers to relax in the company of the child. He often goes abroad with Plato and also visits with it parks and cultural activities. In a recent interview Shepelev told that he never get bored with my son. Moreover, Plato is his best friend and the main stimulus for the further achievements.

The man tries to give the child a good education. However, he emphasizes that he prefers not to overload the child with information and challenging lessons. According to Shepeleva, the baby would have a normal childhood.

Despite serious professional employment, Dmitry is still possible to periodically escape on vacation abroad. So, he recently spent a few days in Israel. However, on the border Shepelev faced with problems at passport control. This fact tainted the presenter of the vacation experience.

Fans of the stars do not get tired to admire his endearing relationship with his son. Despite the constant scandals with the family of Jeanne Friske and Shepelev still maintains a force that consistently spends on care of the child.