Dmitry Shepelev showed a room of Plato

Дмитрий Шепелев показал комнату Платона The presenter demonstrated to the followers of the microblog, as the lives of his son. In a new photo followers Dmitry Shepelev considered the edge of the bed, where sleeps an heir of Jeanne Friske.

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev shares with his followers with details from the life of a young son by Plato. Today he showed the fans of wooden cot, which sleeps three year old boy. Into the room through the tightly closed curtain penetrates the ray of sunshine that wakes up in the morning baby. Bed sheets with daisies. As Dmitry tries not to show the face of his son on social networks, he captured the moment of revival of Plato.

      Dmitry Shepelev showed a photo of grown up son

      Earlier Shepelev showed how he spends weekends and holidays with the boy. The son of broadcaster and died from cancer of the singer Zhanna Friske has grown significantly. The child has already learned to ride a bike and swim. The two months in Plato spent with dad on the sea. Dmitry delighted their followers pictures of the scenic views of the coast and a small video with the hand of the heir in the bracelet.

      At the moment Shepelev busy with the shooting of the program “Dostoyanie Respubliki”, the new season which started in late September. Also journalist working on a book devoted to Janna Friske. In the piece he tells how they fought the cancer. According to the journalist, he worked on biographical history in the moments after the death of a civilian spouse when he was in terrible pain.

      In his work Shepelev said that he constantly tells Plato about his mom. “I don’t live in the past. And only sometimes in the most unexpected moments, you realize how much I miss you. What a pity now you’re not around. I tell you about my son, and he listens carefully. He knows your voice, knows your face and smile. And I know you, in detail, a turn of the head, the tips of his fingers, laughing. And from this know that love is alive without the presence of. It just is,” writes Dimitri in the book.

      The TV presenter said in his microblog that the end of the year his creation will be available on the shelves of bookstores. Some social media users criticized Shepeleva that he began writing works. According to them, it was not worth to talk in detail about the last days of Jeanne a wider audience.