Dmitry Shepelev showed a photo of grown up son

Дмитрий Шепелев показал фотографию с подросшим сыном On his page in the social network broadcaster has issued a joint picture with the heir of Plato. A young father rarely shares moments from his personal life. Subscribers reacted to the frame of the star, noting that he would like to see more of dad son.

      In his microblog in Instagram Dmitry Shepelev posted a touching photo with a three year old son Plato during a joint holiday. Probably the picture was taken at the seaside. To that broadcaster broadcaster showed pictures of son Cycling. The followers noticed that each post in a social network Shepelev accompanied by short comments.

      “The weekend dreams, not less,” signed photograph of the presenter.

      Star TV tries to hold with Plato all the free time. He’s planning a joint holiday and vacation, they can often be found walking in the Park. Dmitry often chosen heir to the circus and concerts. Chores Babysitting the child. With all this, the presenter says little to reporters about his son. Leading heir tells a lot about his mother, Jeanne Friske.

      Dmitry Shepelev every day tell her son about mom

      Network users can only settle for a rare family shots on Instagram. Each such photograph makes subscribers a heated discussion. Most praised Dmitry and put it in an example as a father and the head of the family. He leave a comment with wishes of long life, blagopoluchiya and your baby’s health. Part of followers supports star and gives advice on the upbringing of the boy.

      “Very emotional photo, emanates warmth, love and tranquility! Take care of each other. Cool guys!”, “How harmoniously, father and son!”, “The health of Your little family!” comment the subscribers.

      Followers often note the devotion of the father to the son, and believe that the mother of Plato would be proud of them. Dmitry does not respond to criticism from some social media users who criticize him for what Plato almost no contact with the grandmother and the grandfather, Vladimir Friske Olga Kopylova.