Dmitry Shepelev remotely control son

Дмитрий Шепелев удаленно контролирует сына Leading reported about new achievement of an adorable child. Dmitry Shepelev taught a little of Plato. Therefore, the heir showman now always stays in touch with a famous father, wherever that may be.

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev loves your charming son Platon, who recently turned four years old. Lovely baby grow a very smart and never ceases to delight the success of his famous father. Children’s day is painted literally on hours, as Dmitry said that Plato should be fully developed.

      Recently Shepelev shared the achievements of the next heir. The boy learned to use a smartphone now and can always stay connected with your beloved father.

      “The son learned to answer calls,” shared lead in one of his social networks.

      Fans Dmitry Shepelev wished his heir to grow up healthy and often to please his parent. “Talkative”, “Good”, “Peace and love”, “Children grow very fast”, “Clever, clever boy”, “good to see you”, “that’s great, now even more in touch with his son. Herself all the time supervise kids using the phone”, “‘ll be able to send dad videos”, “Very big”, “good Luck and be patient,” discussed social media users.

      After some time, the leading shared another photo in which he is obsessing over something watching. “There behind the glass, guys, Italian master chef juggled mushrooms” – these words have signed the man. Fans of Dmitry said that they’d looked into the kitchen to watch the process of cooking some delicious dishes. “I guess the sight is very interesting”, “just remember childhood” – they wrote.

      By the way, the star of the TV for a long time led the transfer of “Kitchen with Dmitry Shepelev” which was released on Ukrainian channel “inter”. At different times to visit the famous TV host came by many celebrities, including Ruslana, Ani Lorak, Svetlana Loboda, Taisiya Povaliy, Aurika Rotaru and others. In an interview showman admitted that he does not consider himself a foodie. According to Shepeleva, he loves to eat and does not apply to the process of cooking care.

      Add that to the adorable birthday of Plato was held on 7 April. On this occasion, the presenter gave the child a delicious cake and posted a photo of the dessert in social networks. Many fans of the entertainer have joined the congratulations and wished the child all the best. Son of Jeanne Friske has prepared a luxurious gift