Дмитрий Шепелев отказался комментировать убийство отца Жанны Фриске

Dmitry Shepelev did not want to comment on the murder of the father of Zhanna Friske, which Vladimir Kopylov said a few days ago. This information came as a response to a question from journalists about threats in the direction of TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. The father of the deceased singer told bewildered reporters that some authoritative people warned him about what would-be son-in-law ordered his murder.

Journalists contacted Dimitri, who is now on vacation in Greece with their young son by Plato. Shepelev, barely hearing the conversation, said, as snapped: “‘t Even comment on this you want. I can only wish good luck in the discussion of this dirt…”. But the father of the late Jeanne were more eloquent.
With Kopylova, threat of his life there since may last year, when his cell phone received a text message with a warning. The sender wrote to Vladimir, Dmitry Shepelev charged him with the murder, but the killer has not only refused to do it, but decided to warn Kopylova, that he was in danger.
“He advised me to be alert, as the other killer, which is probably due to the failure of will hire Dmitry, can such feelings to Jeanne and not to test” — said Vladimir.
With Dmitry on this subject Vladimir did not speak, as it does not see the point in supposedly obvious issues. Did Kopylov about the threat to his life in the police, also remains unknown.