Дмитрий Шепелев получал зарплату Бориса Корчевникова

In domestic show-business there’s a new scandal relating to the Finance and Dmitry Shepelev. As you know, in the program “live” Mature huge upheavals, and host of the Boris Korchevnikov had to replace Dmitry Shepelev what he personally said on his page on the social network 8 Feb. As time went on, the program continues to korchevnikov, and ex-boyfriend of Jeanne Friske.. receives wages instead.

According to the Days.Ru, Dmitry never aired as the lead, but gets paid regularly, and the management of the TV channel “Russia 1” have only recently noticed financial inconsistencies. It turns out that Shepelevo accrued cost Korchevnikov.
Recall that in 2015, Boris has removed a benign brain tumor. One of the employees of the TV channel admitted that his illness has really affected the decision of the leadership of “Russia 1”. Supposedly because of the tumor, the actor-TV host started having problems with hearing, and record several broadcasts a day it was hard for him. Producer of TV channel Maria Petricca has invited presenter Dmitry Shepelev, but the choice was unfortunate – part of the public support the parents of Jeanne Friske in his conflict and litigation, consequently, it threatens the outflow of the rating.
“On the air “Russia 1″ Shepelev was never released, the talk show still maintains korchevnikov, but more than six months Dmitry received money for nothing” — said an employee of the channel, wished to remain incognito.
After the conducted financial audits lost his job and Mary Petricka, another producer Natalia Nikonova and a whole team of editors. Now together they are working on a new musical show.
“Live” Boris is going to leave in June, but will substitute for it, Dmitry is still unknown.