Дмитрий Шепелев может лишиться загородного дома

Power of attorney by which host has bought a house on behalf of Joan, can invalidate.

More recently, Dmitry Shepelev could breathe easy. In the case of the missing money Rusfond collected by the people of the country for treatment Janna Friske, there was a certain clarity… the results of the investigation, the civil husband of the singer the money wasn’t kidnapped.

But relatives of Joan still refuse to believe in his innocence. In particular, at the disposal of the relatives of the singer turned out to be a power of attorney in which Dmitry has bought a country house. The document may be invalid. So, and the luxurious mansion in the Istra district Shepelev could lose.

According to the lawyers of the family Friske, immediately after Joan went to the clinic in Miami and she received a terminal diagnosis, Shepelev took his common-law wife power of attorney to buy a country house.

In addition to the acquisition of real estate document gave Dmitry the right to dispose, and Bank accounts of the singer. Close Jeanne believe that the power of attorney is suspicious and insist on the authentication of the document.

But, in fact, mentioned in the power of attorney:

“Buy for the price and on the terms at its discretion, ½ share of the land plot with a total area of 3730 square meters, is located at the address: Moscow region, Istra district… and ½ share of a dwelling house with a total area of 393 square m…

To issue and sign the contract of purchase and sale to make payments to the transaction…

To represent my interests in OJSC JSCB “ROSBANK” for the opening of Bank accounts… to submit and receive all necessary documents, to sign for me and perform all other legal and actual actions…” – quotes the content of this document, the website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The power of attorney refers to the purchase of a half country-house, Dmitry has bought the entire. In addition, a power of attorney drawn up with violations not paid the state fee, the document in Russian is decorated in Miami, and apostille is a Supplement to the proxy in Germany.

In the case that the document is void, Dmitry rustic house will have to leave. Because it means that all transactions under power of attorney will be void.

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