Дмитрий Шепелев водит сына в ночные клубы The presenter spends time with her only heir. Dmitry sincerely glad that rests with the child and can devote a lot of his time. Recently Shepelev went with a charming Plato to the nightclub for fun and dancing.

      33-year-old TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev rarely shared with the public details of his personal life. It is known that in the moment he brings his son to three years of Plato. Civil spouse Zhanna Friske tries to spend as much time as possible with the child, despite his busy schedule. Recently Shepelev, being the heir on vacation, vacationed with him in one of the Nightclubs. About it Dmitry said in social networks. He has published a short video where you can see how little Plato is trying to remove a paper bracelet, which is usually issued at the entrance to various parties and concerts.

      Followers “Instagram” Shepelev was touched how adorable is growing Plato. “Hap-drape, Small, sweet talking about” — they wrote. Someone from fans Shepeleva noticed that the child is unlikely to nightlife. “Too early, of course, to Nightclubs, to walk. But boy I wish happiness and health. Let it grow healthy, strong and obey the Pope” — written by the followers of the leader. Another subscriber Dmitry thought that the video carries a humorous message. “Joker Dmitry. Give food to daddy” — he shared his opinion.

      We also recall that in September of this year to be released book Dmitry Shepelev “Zhanna Friske” which will be released in the series “legends of pop” publishing house “Eksmo”. In his interview with the presenter admitted that he began to write about the life of the deceased spouses, to overcome grief and cope with their emotions that have accumulated in his soul. It is known that the work of Shepelev will focus around important moments in his relationship with Jeanne. So, Dmitry will tell readers how he met with the singer and how to develop their romance, and also tells of the birth of Plato.

      By the way, earlier Shepelev said that it is very important not to miss the time when you can be alone with your loved ones. According to the presenter, summer is a wonderful time to relax and socialize with family. “Summer is synonymous with the word “together.” The time of discovery, embrace, love and freedom. The key to the future memories…the Summer. It seems just made for these moments” — shared Dmitry in his column for Graziamagazine.ru.

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