Dmitry Shepelev intervened in the family quarrel Sergei Zverev

Дмитрий Шепелев вмешался в семейный скандал Сергея Зверева
The presenter went in search of the biological parents of the son of the star.

Sergey Zverev with his son Sergei, 2006


The viewers witnessed a family drama of Sergei Zverev. His son, Sergey said: not so long ago, he learned that the father adopted him from the orphanage. Now he is busy looking for his “real” parents. For help he turned to the team of the show Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. Experts tried to help the 24-year-old son Zverev to find the biological mom and dad.

Hoping to find parents Zverev Jr. passed a DNA test. The program specialists conducted an investigation and picked up two possible candidates, but the results of the examination have not confirmed the relationship of Sergei with these people. “I have nothing to please you, excuse me,” asked the seven dwarfs to Zverev, Jr. The son of a famous stylist will keep looking.

Zverev is a senior in the filming of the program took part. Recently, his relationship with his son can be called strained. According to media reports, the relationship of the Pope with his son has deteriorated even in 2015. The quarrel Sergei heir happened because of the love stories Zverev, Jr. He fell in love with the waitress, which then decided to marry. The famous father gave him a blessing on this marriage. Soon followed by a divorce, and then the son of Sergei once again found happiness in his personal life (with a girl, who held an administrative position in a Moscow hotel). Zverev-senior missed both the wedding of Sergei.