Dmitry Shepelev gets rid of memories

Дмитрий Шепелев избавляется от воспоминаний The presenter went to the salon, where the master laser is starting to make a design on his arm. Shepeleva right forearm is decorated with an inscription, which read that he wants to enjoy every day. Dmitry stuffed it when I was in University.

      Дмитрий Шепелев избавляется от воспоминаний

      33-year-old presenter Dmitry Shepelev decided to put the image on the right forearm. A man shared on Instagram photos of this process. The photographs, which Shepelev published in the Stories section, social network specialist handles laser his arm. Since tattoo removal is a painful process, Dmitry was very uncomfortable during his visit to the salon. The presenter shared a smile with gritted teeth, reflecting his feelings.

      Dmitry Shepelev accused the family of Jeanne Friske in the pursuit of fame

      Дмитрий Шепелев избавляется от воспоминаний

      Other details of his trip to the salon Shepelev had not chosen to reveal. Subscribers lead we can only guess whether he brought the picture on the hand completely or just decided to adjust it. Recall that Shepeleva right forearm was tattooed a large enough size inscription in the English language. She said that the owner wants to enjoy every passing day. Dmitry put that motto in a time when I was in College. “In the military Department of the University I disliked: the dude and the upstart boy from the TV, also is there something on the radio. But most of all, irritated my long hair,” recalled once the years of study at the University Shepelev on his page in social network Facebook.

      At the end of the story in Instagram Shepelev shared with followers a short video in which he unpacks the parcel from the publisher. Earlier it became known that Dmitry has written a book called “Zhanna Friske”, in which he told the courageous story of the struggle of a celebrity with a deadly disease.

      “The first edition of the book “Jeanne”. Worried and happy at the same time. On sale from 24 November”, – shared the leading in Instagram, accompanying his post with the hashtag “don’t be silent about cancer.”

      Subscribers Shepelev wrote that look forward to the appearance of his works on sale. “It’s nice that you don’t forget”, “Joan deserves to have devoted dozens of books, only if they are light, useful and good”, “loved by many people, positive and cheerful. Your work will enable many to learn about it more”, “Very beautiful photo on the cover. Thank you” – commented on the followers of the leader.

      Recall also that the civilian spouse of deceased singer will be the guest of the program “Let them talk”. “On Monday Dmitry Shepelev will give his first TV interview about life without Joan, about the new book, which he dedicated to her, and about how to live loved ones of those who were diagnosed with cancer. The most candid interview of the year” – shared TV presenter and chief editor of the magazine “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov in social networks.