Dmitry Shepelev found happiness and changed her name

Дмитрий Шепелев обрел счастье и сменил фамилию
The presenter spoke about how his name now.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

Arriving to the airport of Almaty, Dmitry Shepelev was surprised to learn that, it turns out, he changed the name. In any case, have met his side was sure to meet the need in a man by the name Shenel. This is a mistake, a typo to call it does not work, amused broadcaster, and he even took a selfie on the background of his “new names”.

“Meet at the airport. Bilan, Nikolaev and, of course, I’m Dmitri… Shenel?! Why?!” asked Shepelev.

Incidentally, after this the Dmitry shared his portrait, which showed off a new hairstyle in the 90s. But his followers are more interested in the fact that Shepelev, almost for the first time after the tragedy with the death of his beloved Jeanne Friske, published a “happy” photo. On the face of the actor was a sincere smile and his eyes shone with happiness. From this fans have concluded that Mr may regained happiness.

Recall that the “war” between Shepelev and father of Jeanne Friske, Vladimir Kopylov is not yet over. Some time ago it became known that the claim of the relatives of the singer to determine the order of communication with his grandson Plato was partially satisfied by the court. However, no details of the court’s decision was not announced.