Дмитрий Шепелев запрещает сыну видеться с крестной The presenter ignores Olga Orlov. As told Natalia Friske, a friend of the deceased singer takida deprived of the opportunity to meet with Plato. Shepelev did not respond to her calls and messages.

Last weekend, the son of Jeanne Friske Plato was 5 years old. But the boy’s relatives on my mother’s side and saw the child on his first birthday. Despite the fact that by law, grandmother, grandfather and aunt can meet with Platon, his father Dmitry Shepelev does not go in to them.

“Dmitry has written in his blog on the Internet that Plato is sick. I have no gifts not even bought my nephew because he knew that to pass them Plato makes no sense. If we pass by some miracle, it all will go straight in the trash, as always happens. This day the whole family went to cafes, ate, took a cake with candles, blew out her all together, wished the child good health and went home. Still, of course, was at the grave of Joan, we all the holidays and anniversaries go there for sure,” shared Natalya.

The Friske family is going through a separation with the boy. As told by the sister of the singer, her father began because of this health problems. “Dad has a weak heart, it is now generally no face. In the hospital he doesn’t want to go, because he always promise that we will see Plato. But in the end the meeting is always set aside. Now here it was moved to April 21 – my birthday. But I’m sure that at this time the child either “sick” or where-that leave. It happens every time! Mom is too tired. She is upset, I am also freaking out. Parents trying to cheer up, but nothing happens. And how to do it? They have a dead daughter, only grandchild and they were forbidden even to see, not to go somewhere to relax with him, like it happens in normal families!” – said Natalia.

According to Friske and Shepelev also ignores any requests by the godmother of the boy Olga Orlova. The presenter gave the woman to talk with by Plato in his birthday.

“He even Olga Orlova – the godmother of Plato – not responding to messages and calls. Olga wanted to congratulate godson’s birthday, but he gave. He’s our king and Lord of all, we’re just a mob!” – added Natalia.

According to Friske, they expected that participation in television programmes will help them to reach out to Dmitry Shepelev. However, as Natalya told “Interlocutor”, nothing happened. Probably the TV host also configures the child against the relatives on my mother’s side. “He’s now like putty, you can sculpt anything. In the future, and will be, we’ll always be bad. Plato each week goes to a psychologist. What is it five children? Shepelev does it all for the sake of us not in a very good light show,” said Natalia.