Dmitry Shepelev faked a suicide attempt

Дмитрий Шепелев симулировал попытку суицида The presenter wanted to jump out the window. Vladimir Friske remembered the incident at the funeral of Joan. Then Shepelev behaved very inappropriately. We will remind, the civil spouse Zhanna still gives Plato to communicate with grandma and grandpa.

Dmitry Shepelev and Friske family has not yet found a common language. According to Vladimir Borisovich, father of Joan, presenter still does not allow them to communicate with her grandson. Despite the fact that the court held that Plato gets to see his grandparents and aunt, the requirements are not met.

“The next meeting in January was again thwarted. Dmitry, in turn, says: Plato did not want to see grandma and grandpa. We suspect that Shepelev deliberately manipulating the child against the family. For once Plato asked: “Grandpa, when will you bring us to dad’s house and money?” In the last meeting last year did not want to communicate with my grandmother, turned away from her. Said that the Pope prohibits gifts from family… We insist on conducting an independent psychological examination of Plato,” said the lawyers of Vladimir Friske.

It is assumed that Dmitry claim on the house in the Istra district near Moscow, which they bought with Jeanne. Total cost was 38 million. But then Shepelev never paid his portion, and his wife gave the full amount. Now the Friske family demands to return their half. Vladimir Borisovich has noted that he is ready to give up the house if he will be in regular contact with Plato. The father of the singer was always struck by the character of Dimitri. He now believes that Shepelev revenge on them.

“He is capable of strange behavior. Remember Jeanne told me how they had a rest abroad – stayed in the house of one mistress. Something is not liked, decided to move out. So Shepelev picked up and urinated into her pot of flowers – such minor mischief. And how he behaved at the funeral of Joan! At some point, popped up to the third floor, stood in the window, pretended that he was going to jump out. All so spectacularly. Said, “I have to live, I’ll jump!” He was seized, dragged. But then he laughed, and said, “What scared? What am I, stupid? I’m still going to live, and long!” That is, he faked a suicide attempt. The guests were in shock, they all saw it. But after this incident, Shepelev jokes hunted, laughed, drank, had behaved inappropriately. Thought he was even glad that he has acquired full freedom…” – said Vladimir Borisovich.

According to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the lawyers of the family Friske continues to struggle to Shepelev gave the debt.