Dmitry Shepelev exults: “My reputation has finally been restored!”

Дмитрий Шепелев ликует: «Моя репутация наконец-то восстановлена!»
The court ruled, who will return the missing millions “Rusfond”.

Dmitry Shepelev and son Platon

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

It seems that in the history of the missing millions “Rusfond” finally come to an end. Yesterday in capital has passed the hearing, during which the decision was rendered in the case of collected and then mysteriously “disappeared” the money for treatment Jeanne Friske.

Finally found out who was spent more than 20 million rubles collected by viewers to help the singer. Shepelev solemnly declared his innocence to the loss of money, which was confirmed in court.

“Neither I nor my son, of course this money is not touched because I didn’t have access to the charity accounts. I feel a tremendous sense of relief very hard to live in for two years surrounded by speculation. My conscience and reputation restored. The court was presented evidence that raised funds for a few weeks before the death of Jeanne was withdrawn by her mother Olga Friske. It is obvious that for a few days, it is impossible to spend the money on the treatment of the hopelessly ill, dying man. How it was spent I do not know. Paradoxically, the court did not qualify these actions, I don’t know what to call it other than theft!”

To pay the debt obliged the parents of Jeanne — Olga and Vladimir, and their little grandson Plato. Despite his young age he will have to pay part of the debt to the “Rusfond”. However, this is unlikely to cause serious problems, as it is inherited from mom quite impressive capital.

Lawyers Dmitry Shepelev defend little Plato insisted that the son of the artist has nothing to do with the missing funds, since the money was withdrawn by proxy mom Friske before the entry into force of their rights to inheritance. In other words, millions “disappeared” before, as relatives of Jeanne to divide the inheritance. However, the court stated that Plato should return to the same part of the total amount as his grandparents. However, Shepelev not going to give up and will appeal the decision.

“I understand how this case is important to the charity movement in Russia and is pleased that the reputation of the charity Fund “Rusfond” restored. But paternal I contend, because a small change in this horrific and shameful history of my only son, who received after deceased mom’s debts and endless gossip. I will continue to fight for the only thing important to me in this situation is the welfare and peace of my son and, of course, will appeal the court’s decision!”