Dmitry Shepelev explained how teaches his son not to lie

Дмитрий Шепелев объяснил, как учит сына не врать The presenter was the guest of the program “Evening Urgant”. Shepelev explains to the child that we must always speak the truth. According to Dmitry, he tries to encourage good behavior Plato presents.
Дмитрий Шепелев объяснил, как учит сына не врать

Leading “really” Dmitry Shepelev came to the Studio with Ivan Urgant. The journalist recalled how his career began. He made his debut in the Belarusian channel. “The camera malfunctioned and all the people’s faces were green” – shared Dmitry.

Shepelev claims that despite the first shot on television, classmates still have a negative attitude to it. “Everyone hated me,” said the presenter. But the most nervous for it was the radio, where Dmitry has declared a weather forecast, and accurate local time.

Ivan Urgant raised the issue lies in the program. The lead was interested in, like his colleague explains to the child that telling lies is bad. According to Shepelev, 4-year-old Plato sometimes lied to him.

“I always see it. Came up with the most banal way. Once a month, if he listens to daddy, eats well and is not lying, then gets a great new designer. Works!” – shared Shepelev.

The TV host late night talk show tried to find out the secrets of work colleagues. As stated by Dmitry, polygraph advised him to pay attention to the gestures of the people. For example, the denial some people can nod, that will give them the lie.

Ivan Urgant also decided to ask the host about his work and relationships with people. He created a situation as if in this moment earned a detector of false Dmitry.

– Have you ever used his friendship with Yuri Nikolayev in the mercenary purposes?

Yes. Thanks to her, I got a free Parking space at Ostankino.

– How much do you earn?

– In rubles?

– You ever been abused, when she started work on TV?

– I’m experiencing it right now.

– For the eyes you called Konstantin Ernst – Bones?

– Only in my dreams.

– Is it true that you’re still gathering signatures to Alyaksandr Lukashenka has shaved off his mustache?

However, this time they improvised detector had malfunctioned and there was no answer.